Darren's Teaching Philosophy

I base my teaching methods around keeping things as simple as possible so my pupil can easily understand the ideas I am putting across to them.

I believe that by drip feeding information to my pupils they will find it much easier to digest what they need to work on and can do so at their own pace in their own practice time. By backing up my ideas with drills and excersises I arm by pupils with the ammunition they need to be able to improve any aspect of their game.

Whether it be a swing, short game or on course lesson I provide my pupil with video based eveidence of the strengths of their technique as well as the areas that we will be working on. Alongside this I always provide the reasons behind making any changes so the pupil has a clear picture of what we will be working on.

Learning should always be fun so I try to make all my coaching sessions a fun learning experience for all my pupils.


Tuition Pricing

Darren Everett - Head PGA Professional and Director of Golf


30 minute individual lesson£20.00
30 minute individual junior lesson (under 16)£15.00
30 minute putting lesson£20.00
45 minute individual lesson£30.00
3 x 30 minute short game lesson£55.00
Six individual lessons£100.00
60 minute individual lesson£35.00
9-hole playing lesson£50.00
30 minute gap testing£20.00
30 minute ball fitting£20.00
45 minute club fitting£25.00


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